10 Best Occasion Based Online Gift Suggestions

Every year is peppered with countless special moments that demand special attention. It is no easy feat to find impressive gift ideas around the year, that too specifically for various events. It is a tasking job that requires creative ideas and time for the execution of those ideas too. Lucky for us, online gift services in Pakistan are there to facilitate people and to put them out of their misery. Generally, people think every event that asks for a gift can be tackled in a similar manner.

This, however, is not the best approach. If one caters to the person’s personal choice, and along with that consider some theme they can follow based on the occasion, it makes for a better gift. This method warrants variety as well.


Valentine’s Day

The day that celebrates love, and makes loved ones feel special, requires special attention. There are various options for Valentine’s Day gifts online and many gift services that one can use in order to get flowers, chocolates, greeting cards, and customized gifts delivered to their loved ones. Valentine’s Day cards can lift people’s spirits and make them feel special. That is the power of valentine’s cards.

Adhering to a pink or red theme for this occasion is an excellent idea. Since this event is all about the celebration of love, making sure that the gift of choice reflects on that is important. Perfumes, scented candles, and teddy bears make an excellent gift too.

This day is not just limited to partners. Even parents, siblings and friends should be made to feel special and taking them out for a lunch is an excellent idea.

Valentine's day occasion

Bridal Showers and Weddings

Weddings are a great time of celebration. The union of two people and families is a big deal that requires bigger online gifts ideas. Even wedding cards in Pakistan are quite innovative these days. Not only are wedding cards full of illustrations, but sometimes a box full of chocolates accompanies them. Wedding card designs are limitless these days as we come across one after the other innovative and eye-catching ideas.

For a bridal shower, wall art is the perfect gift. Wall arts with funny messages from sisters make an eternal and valuable parting gift. Customized mugs for a bridal shower to show team bride is important too. A wedding anniversary is another important celebration to keep in mind. For this occasion, giving a gift basket is the best route.

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day

Online gift services in Pakistan have outdone themselves when it comes down to gifts for parents. There are such wonderful cards available, and some are downright funny as they highlight certain dialogues parents use for their children’s betterment. The best way to surprise them is to go for the online gift delivery.

That way, even while living under the same roof you can catch them by surprise and give them frames, cutlery, customized mugs, scented candles, or a gift basket with beauty and skincare products and their favorite snacks. Gift services online even give the option of adding specific items loved by them so the choices are endless.



Halloween has perhaps the most fun greeting cards available that surpass even the jokes on Birthday cards online. From ghosts to pumpkins, and the color scheme of fall, these make a very nice pair along with wall art with spooky messages that hint at love too.

Online gifts should be resorted to here too as one can play a tiny prank on people and give them a tiny spook along with the gift. Any gift store that has a collection of Halloween gifts can be used for this purpose. Home décor items, chocolates, and spooky stuffed toys make an excellent gift for Halloween.

Baby Shower

Soon after weddings and all of the hassle over getting the best wedding cards in Pakistan, one has another amazing celebration ready at hand. Baby showers are full of fun and warrant sweet gifts. Getting the best gifts for this celebration is a pre-requisite.

The parents deserve cute wall art, customized mugs for their new family addition, and something even for the baby that can be bought from the best gift store so that quality is ensured. One should never compromise on quality when it comes down to gifts. They are a representation of one’s love so it should be top-notch for sure.



Eid and Christmas are joyous events and they should be celebrated in full swing. Any gift shop can help in this scenario as long as it provides gift baskets. Sending greeting cards and baskets full of sweets, skincare and beauty products, and home décor items. Adding henna and colorful bangles to the basket is an excellent move. One can easily buy gifts online and get them delivered, or carry them with them when they visit.


Birthdays are an almost monthly phenomenon. Every month, there are a few birthdays lined up, and celebrating the existence of friends and loved ones is extremely important. Sending birthday wishes is the sweetest thing in the world, and the best way to do this is by sending greeting cards. Birthday greetings can be sent using adorable Birthday cards online. A card that has funny visuals, and messages always make people smile.

Sending a cake on birthdays is a phenomenal idea. One can never go wrong with that but it should be kept in mind that the flavor should be according to their preference. Whether they prefer death by chocolate cake, or a fudgy one, toffee crunch, caramel crunch, coffee, or plain old vanilla cake.

If they like the flavor, it will be a great hit. On birthdays, giving customized notebooks is another excellent idea. Even jewelry and dresses make excellent gifts.

Birthday Gifts

Teacher’s Day

Everyone remembers to buy Valentine's Day gifts online, but remembering Teacher’s Day proves challenging. They guide us, and through their hard work mould us into better humans. Giving them back and appreciating them is one’s duty. Wall art, mugs, notebooks, bookmarks, diaries, and stationery items make excellent gift choices for teachers.


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